Fundraising with Chocolate Bars

The Fastest, Easiest Way To Make Money: Our $1.00 Chocolate Bars

Let us help you raise the money your organization needs—when it needs it—through our year-round fundraising programs. We offer a proven candy bar salesoption so you don’t have to wait for the holidays to take advantage of seasonal fundraising opportunities such as our Easter campaign.

Enjoy the benefits of our most popular seller, Malley’s famous $1.00 candy bar, in five varieties:

  • Milk Chocolate Almond
  • Milk Chocolate Crunch
  • Solid Milk Chocolate CLE Bar
  • Milk Chocolate Pretzel
  • Dark Chocolate Pretzel

Each single-flavor case contains 36 individual 1.75-ounce bars and you can mix-and-match the cases in any combination you’d like to sell. An initial candy bar fundraising order must contain a minimum of 14 cases. From there, you will be on your way to increased profit margins as you add to your overall sales numbers.

Boost Your Long-Term Profits with a Continuing Sale

Malley’s Chocolates makes it easy to work your way up the profit margin ladder. By starting with 14 candy barcases and reordering within 30 days (minimum reorder of 4 cases per month) we will consider your fundraiser a “continuing sale” and as you hit the next tiers in total cases, 26/200, we will prorate your entire sale at 43/50% making you more money over time!

Order/Sell 14 to 25 cases = 33% discount (profit)
Order/Sell 26 to 199 cases= 43% discount (profit)
At 200 cases or more= 50% discount (profit)

If you purchase the minimum 14 cases x 36 bars = $504.00, you will pay Malley’s $337.68 at pick-up and your profit when the bars are sold will be $166.32.

If you purchase 26 cases x 36 bars = $936.00, you will pay Malley’s $533.52 at pick-up and your profit when the bars are sold is $402.48.

Candy Bar Program Features

  • All orders must be paid for at time of pick up, including returning customers
  • We gladly accept cash, check, money orders, and credit cards.
  • Free local delivery (100-mile radius) on orders of 100 cases or more
  • We will deliver bar ordersof less than 100 cases to any of Malley’s 23 locations for your convenience (deliveries are made weekly to our stores)
  • Bar orders can be picked up at our Brookpark,Ohio location at West 130th St. and Brookpark Rd. with 24-hour notice
  • Malley’s does not accept any returns or exchanges in this program

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Make a Giant Impact, Earn Giant Profits!

Take your candy bar fundraising to the next level by selling our $3.00 Pretzelnormous bar. It’s big on taste and even bigger on profit potential as this specialty candy bar sales program, features:

  • No Minimum Orders
  • Guaranteed 50% Profit

These amazing six-ounce milk chocolate bars are filled with crunchy salted pretzel bits and packed 18 bars to a case. Your customers will love the value of this enormous shareable-sized candy bar!

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