About Our Programs

Reach Your Fundraising Goals with Malley’s Chocolates!

For more than 50 years, Malley’s Chocolates has helped local schools, community groups and individuals raise money on behalf of their many causes through our dynamic and diverse fundraising programs—tailored to meet your needs and custom-designed to earn you the best profit potential!


Our Programs Benefit:

  • Boy/Girl Scout Troops
  • Class Trips
  • Charitable Walk/Run Drives
  • Cause-Related Activities
  • Dance/Music Studios
  • School Programs & Events


Flexibility Increases Sales, Opportunities

Whether you need money for special events, extracurricular activities or class trips at school—or perhaps are raising funds in support of an Alzheimer’s or Breast Cancer Walk—we provide all the necessary tools and the amazing products that will ensure you reach your financial goals in Cleveland, Ohio and beyond.


Raise Money Any Time You Need It

Everyone knows and loves Malley’s Chocolates, so selling our candy is both easy and guaranteed to earn your organization the money it needs, when you need it!

Year-Round Chocolate Bar Sales

  • $1.00 Candy Bars in Five (5) Flavors

Start a Sale and Begin Earning Money Today! Call 216.226.8300 or email fundraising@malleys.com