Malley’s Chocolates provides a proven, profitable Easter and Christmas sales opportunity that makes fundraising deliciously easy. Our quality products and services, coupled with our Internet Program, and FREE shipping on all internet orders over $65.00 will allow your group to surpass your previous fundraising goals and enjoy a larger profit than ever before.

Easter Fundraising


FREE SHIPPING On all internet orders over $65
Full color form of chocolate and candy items.
Free individual packaging – $3,000 order or greater
Free delivery – $3,000 order or greater
Internet Ordering! – quick, easy
Create your very own personalized web page


Chocolate Bars

You can be proud to sell Malley Bars. All of our bars are made with pure Malley’s Milk Chocolate. Selections include Huge 6oz Pretzelnormous Bars, Malley’s Crunch Bar, Malley’s Almond Bar and Malley’s Pretzel Crunch Bar, Proven easy to sell Malley Bars are a proven profitable selling experience.

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