We Care About the Chair!

Let Us Help You Run a Successful Fundraising Campaign

Our goal at Malley’s Chocolates is to help you reach yours—making the
most out of your fundraising efforts with the support of our great products and

To do this, we offer a Chairperson Dashboard on our Fundraising website,
complete with real-time updates to help you manage throughout your sale! 

Other viewable features include:

Total Calculated Sales & Earned Profits Detailed Tracking of
Seller’s Sales and Buyer’s Purchases

Sales by Buyer and by Product
Campaign Comparisons

    Group Links Explained

    When Malley’s initializes your campaign for the season, it will
    generate a “Group Link” to be used by your organization for the online portion
    of your fundraising sale. You can find it printed in the top right corner on
    your fundraising order forms. This web address is the general link to your
    organization’s fundraiser, and purchases can be made from it.

    many groups track sales by seller to reward top sales through contests, etc. To
    do this, you must ensure
    each seller registers
    individually as a participant
    , which will generate a unique link
    with the sellers name at the end. This can be done right from the main page
    following your unique group link.


    IMPORTANT: If you, the Chairperson, will also be selling candy, you MUST register as an individual participant where prompted to do so. Again, purchases made from the general group link cannot be tracked by seller.

    Order Delivery & Payment

    When a delivery date and time has been agreed upon with a
    qualifying sale, your orders will be due to Malley’s no later than two (2)
    weeks before your delivery date.

    Our drivers will unload and stack your fundraising boxes on-site
    as you desire, and will at that time collect the balance due for your sale
    (minus your profit). You will be emailed ahead of delivery with the total
    amount owed and will be given a copy of the invoice for your records.

    our aim is to fulfill orders error-free, mistakes do occur and if something is
    missing or incorrect in any of your group’s orders, please notify us as soon as
    possible before the holiday. Instruct sellers to funnel all corrections through
    you, the Chairperson, so Malley’s can remedy the order in total and at once with
    one phone call. 

    Reach out to us with any questions, we’re here to help! Call 216.226.8300 or email fundraising@malleys.com