Peanut butter & jelly, macaroni & cheese, milk & cookies. What do these all have in common? That it’s almost hard to have one without the other. Their combined flavors make such extraordinary fusions in our mouth leaving a deliciously satisfying taste – just like our good ol’ friends chocolate and caramel. What brings these two tasty treats to mind? Well, if we have the right calendar pulled up, it’s March 19th, and today marks National Chocolate Caramel Day!

When Chocolate Met Caramel

The day chocolate met caramel is arguably one of the greatest moments in chocolate history. Due to popular demand, people have incorporated this flavor combination in more ways than you’d imagine: chocolate and caramel cookies, pretzels, ice cream, candy bars, cupcakes, and now even Pop-Tarts. But can you blame them? Rich and luxurious high-quality chocolate complimented by a soft, gooey caramel as soon as you sink your teeth in – I mean what could be better!
Because of the high popularity of this duo, Malley’s Chocolates joined the cause and also offers a wonderful selection of this perfectly-paired treat! Check out some of our top chocolate and caramel pairings starting with our Milk Chocolate Caramel Supremes, Himalayan Dark Caramels, or even our famous Pecan BillyBobs! Don’t worry, dear friend. Those aren’t our only choices. Check out our sundry collection here!

How to Celebrate Chocolate Caramel Day

There are many ways to celebrate this special day, like indulging in chocolate and caramel any chance you get (maybe even for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Don’t forget the obvious – dessert!) But you can also share your favorite chocolate-y caramel treats with your friends and family! Stop in a Malley’s location near you to pick up some of your favorite pairings.