Between the new Christmas edition of Southern Living, Pinterest and the Food Network, there are hundreds of ideas for what you can bake up this year to serve as dessert at your holiday dinner party. However, with so many options and so many different people filling the seats around your table, it can be challenging to find the perfect one. Sure, you could lie on your couch vigorously scrolling through countless pages of unrealistic Pinterest desserts that are probably fake or created by professional chefs. Or, you could use our helpful holiday dessert guide to make your delicious Christmas creation a little less stressful this year.

1. Stick to the classics. You don’t have to be Martha Stewart this Christmas to create a delectable dessert your family will enjoy. Dessert is always a crowd pleaser, whether it be the traditional fudge brownie or chocolate chip cookie, or something a little more exciting like snowballs or red velvet cake, there are plenty of timeless options that are easy to make and delicious to eat.

2. Make it tradition. One of the best parts of the holiday season is spending it surrounded by the people you love. Creating a memory, not just a confectionary masterpiece, is a great way to build a dessert that focuses on what really matters, family. So, decorate cookies, lick the batter off the spoon or pass on that heavenly recipe your grandma made, because those moments with family—not the final result–will last longer than the dessert itself.

3. Experiment a little. Feeling a bit more daring this holiday season? There is nothing wrong with trying that new recipe you found online to wow your family with your exceptional culinary skills. Try looking for a dessert recipe that includes step-by-step instructions and ingredients you are familiar with. Or stir up a classic recipe with a holiday twist such as peppermint stick brownies or eggnog sugar cookies.

4. Leave it to the professionals. If baking isn’t your expertise, then leave it to the professionals to create an enticing dessert your loved ones won’t be able to stop eating. Picking up a dessert from the store eliminates the stress of preparing yet another dish for your Christmas party and it’s as easy as grab, pay, go!

5. Shop local. Supporting a local business is a great way to bring in the holiday season. And what better place than Malley’s Chocolates for the rich chocolate desserts and a rich history of family tradition since 1935. Shop any of our Northeast Ohio locations this holiday season for delicious Christmas chocolates and treats. Or, avoid the cold weather and order your chocolates online today!