Welcome to Part 3 of our Holiday Gift Giving Guide! We got finding the perfect gift for men and children out of the way, but we know there are a lot of women in your life, whether it’s your mom, sister, or significant other. So what better way to complete the trilogy than talking about gift ideas for women for Christmas 2018.

Trying to prepare for the holidays can welcome a lot of unwanted stress into our lives. Whether it’s hosting the party, in charge of the dessert table, or finding winning gifts, there’s a lot of planning that takes place. Every holiday, people find themselves asking “What do women want?” Regardless of who this special person is, it’s our goal for you to leave here with the perfect Christmas gift ideas for her.

Shopping for Mom
Christmas is the perfect time of year to cement your place as mom’s favorite kid. How do you accomplish this? Obviously, you can’t ‘buy’ a mother’s love – but you can at least grease the wheels by getting her the right gift! Whether it’s a stylish watch for the fashionista mom, a Polaroid camera for the mom who’s always taking pictures, or a functional yet cute gym bag for the mom who loves boutique fitness, pick her out something that you know will pique her interest, and also benefit a need.

Shopping for Sis
So what do you give the girl who shared (or didn’t share) her toys with you growing up? Who picked on you (or vice versa) and had mom putting you in separate corners. Who looked up to you (or down, depending who’s older). Your sister’s are everything, and they deserve the world, so show the girl who knows all of your secrets that you love her with something sentimental. This will be a great way to reminisce on the younger days and laugh about any funny inside jokes you had!

Shopping for Her
Women have two kinds of wants – roughly divided into practical and impractical. Satisfying the practical wants are easy. Just think about her interests; does she like exercising, swimming, painting, fashion? Once you have that figured out, just take a minute to think about what might elevate her pursuit of that interest?

Then there’s the impractical. Ah, the impractical gift – whatever could this be? This is something more wonderful, just for the sake of being wonderful. This is where thoughtfulness really needs to come into play. So how exactly do we do this? Try getting her something she’ll remember – an experience that will stick with her. Whether it’s a relaxing trip to the spa, breakfast in bed with a nice glass of bubbly paired with our gourmet chocolate, or a day trip to a nearby hotspot, give her something that brings everlasting smiles.

Shopping for Kids
Keeping up with your kid’s ever-changing clothing sizes, hobbies, likes and dislikes, and the newest children’s fad can be difficult for any parent. One day Silly Bands are the newest craze and the next day Hatchimals have taken over. But no need to stress! For a few fun tips and gift ideas to ensure your kid wakes up on Christmas morning with a smile, check out Part 2 of our Gift Giving Guide: Gifts for Kids.

vHopefully after reading this, you have a better idea of where to get started when it comes to finding the perfect gift for that special women in your life. We hope you enjoyed the 3-part series of Malley’s Holiday Gift Giving Guide and wish you a very, merry Christmas with all of your loved ones.