What’s a little bit of “trick” to get a bag full of “treats?” This is the price kids pay to end up at home dumping mounds of chocolate and candy on their living room floors after a successful neighborhood walk-through. As children, it’s probably safe to say that the most important thing about Halloween are the TREATS! However, viewing Halloween as adults has a slightly different meaning. We are less concerned with consuming the goodies ourselves, and more focused with making Halloween fun and memorable for the kids… How to decorate our homes. Which spooky sounds to play. And, of course, what costume to wear while passing out candy!

Obviously, making this night memorable for our children requires a lot of planning. But with a few simple tips to keep in mind, your house can be the most-talked-about house on the block.

Best Halloween decorations: check!
Best Halloween candy: check!
Most memorable Halloween house: check!

It’s time to learn how to have the biggest, baddest, spookiest house on the block this Halloween.

Pass Out Only the Best Halloween Treats for Kids

Halloween is great for many reasons, but all the yummy chocolate and candy might be the biggest one. When you’re stocking up on treats this year, give your trick-or-treaters something really epic to fill their goodie bags! Leave the peanuts and raisins for the “less-cool” houses on the block. Instead, give the kids something to look forward to when they’re sifting through their sugary treats back at home. Check out our Candy Bar selection for the perfect Halloween chocolate to give away!

Halloween Decorations Galore

You goal with Halloween decorations is to get kids to say, “We HAVE to go to that house!” Fortunately, you don’t need to go over-the-top. Adding a few fun decorations on the pathway up to your house is a guaranteed win. Hanging some ghosts in the tree, replacing porch lights with black lights and playing some spooky Halloween music are all sure-fire ways to get trick-or-treaters excited.

Take it a step further and get a fog machine! Fog immediately adds a spooky feel to any area and will make the trick-or-treaters feel they’re entering some “haunted” territory.

Have the Best Costume

To a kid, there’s nothing more exciting than seeing an adult who is in the Halloween spirit. Elaborate costumes are clearly appreciated, but even a simple costume just to show you’re fully on-board makes all the difference. Make sure to pick a character that children will easily recognize, otherwise you’ll be met with blank stares. Group costumes are always a hoot, too! Try inviting the entire family in on the tricks to help get a good scare…or laugh.

Make Halloween 2017 Frightful AND Delightful with Malley’s Chocolates

When we were young, walking around our neighborhood asking for candy, we never realized what really went into making Halloween special…until now. The most important part to keep in mind though, is that the enthusiasm of others is really what makes anything fun! So, keeping a smile on your face and playing along with the kids will really create the best vibe for your neighborhood trick-or-treaters.

If you keep these few tips in mind, you’ll definitely be in the running for best Halloween house on the block this year! Find a Malley’s Chocolates location near you, or order online now.