First, unwrapping the beautifully decorated packaging and slowly taking off the lid to appreciate the attractive sight of what lies within the box.

Next the wonderful aroma of sweet smelling chocolates that we breathe in, holding our attention, preparing us for the complex and intriguing flavors that we’re about to experience.

Then, reaching in the box and grabbing that first piece, listening to it break, hearing that perfect crunch every time. Melting slowly in our mouths, while our taste buds experience an amazing sensory overload.

Finally, the lasting taste that lingers and enhances your desire for a second round.

This is what happens when you give the gift of Malley’s Chocolates for Christmas.

Who doesn’t love the satisfaction of opening a box of chocolates? Whether it’s for him, her, children, mommy or daddy dearest, bff’s, colleagues, or grandma and grandpa, everyone appreciates premium-quality chocolate every once in a while.

Think about it… have you ever been upset when someone gives you a box of chocolate? Or does your heart tingle and mouth water as you become anxious to peel the plastic wrapping off the box and go to town? Considering that you’re reading the Malley’s Chocolates blog, we’re guessing it’s the latter.

Why Chocolate is an Irresistible Holiday Gift Idea

  • Chocolate is appropriate for all ages
  • It is a gift of many occasions
  • Chocolate is a symbol of luxury and indulgence
  • Chocolate is an easy gift to send
  • Chocolate can be perfectly proportioned
  • Chocolate is universally desired
  • It’s enjoyed until the Very. Last. Piece.

But how exactly do we present chocolate as a gift? The good thing: chocolate is a gift for every occasion. Anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, holidays and more! Malley’s chocolate is guaranteed to be loved and devoured! As Christmas draws near, we want to help you find the perfect chocolates not only for this holiday, but for all of life’s sweetest occasions.

Rethinking Why We Give Gifts

Every time we give a gift to a loved one there is a recurring question that pops up in our heads: “Will they enjoy this or not?” Some other concerns may arise too, including the struggle to come up with a great idea that delivers the “wow” factor. Or maybe you’re trying to downsize your Christmas budget but still trying to give a meaningful gift. Regardless of your gift-giving concerns or the special occasion, you need to take a step back and remember why we give gifts in the first place: to show appreciation or to let someone know we care about them or are thinking about them.

For example:

We ask – “What can I get Sally?”
But what we should be asking ourselves – “How can I show Sally that I love her?”

Finding the right gift to give your loved one this Christmas season doesn’t have to be hard or stressful, as long as you remember the reason for the season.

So How Do We Gift Chocolate?

As we listed above, one of the many reasons chocolate makes such a great gift is it’s appropriate for all ages.

For the Kiddies

  • Fill a mason jar with our individually foil-wrapped milk chocolate bells and personalize it with your child’s name and a short message spreading some Christmas cheer. To decorate, tie some festive ribbon around the lid!
  • Or use our cute foil-wrapped Santa chocolates as a part of your wrapping paper and stick them on the outside of the presents by the name tags. What could be better than seeing a gift with your name on it and a piece of chocolate right next to it?
  • If you put candy canes on the family Christmas tree, why don’t you turn it up a notch and put our chocolate filled candy cane boxes under your tree?

For the Sophisticated

Do you have a friend or loved one who appreciates a nice adult drink or cocktail? Use a hot-glue gun and cover their favorite wine or champagne bottles with our cordial cherries. Recommended drinks that compliment these tasty treats: Demi-Sec Champagne or a Shiraz red wine.

For the Sweet and Salty

Who doesn’t enjoy a little bit of sweet and salty in their life? Order your loved one our Double Play package, which includes a delicious stack of salty-sweet Milk Chocolate Pretzels and Pecan BillyBobs. Or wrap our Milk Chocolate Pretzels in clear goodie bags and tie festive holiday ribbon around them! Find the perfect gift on our Milk Chocolate page.

Get Even More Christmas Gift Ideas from Malley’s Chocolates

Give your loved ones the sensory overload they deserve! Find the perfect chocolate gifts at a Malley’s Chocolates location near you. Want to beat the line for the holiday season? Shop online today!