Mmmm, who doesn’t love some good nutty fudge from time to time (or all the time)? We do! Between the crunchy nuts and the smooth chocolate fudge flavor, it’s hard for us to resist National Nutty Fudge Day.

Every year, on this day, we (yourself included) have an excuse to indulge in smooth, chocolate fudge filled with crunchy nuts to make our little hearts and taste buds happy.

There are hefty possibilities when it comes to mixing these two delicious items, so stick around and we’ll let you in on some of our fan favorites. But first, how about a fudgy backstory?

Mysteriously Fudgy – How Fudge was Created

There are several stories floating around about the creation of fudge. One of them talks about a young apprentice caramel maker in the 1880’s who was stirring the pot of caramel while his boss was out serving customers.

Supposedly by the time the boss had returned, the caramel had become too grainy to serve. Not wanting to waste this huge pot of failed “caramel,” they had the crazy idea of letting some customers try it. Needless to say, the concoction became a hit. Customers loved it so much, they even named it after the apprentice who mistakenly created it!

It’s hard to believe, but if not for a twist of fate, this wonderful, smooth and tasty treat might never have come to be. Can you imagine our lives without fudge? Accident or not, eating fudge is no mistake – especially not on National Nutty Fudge Day!

3 of Malley’s Nutty Fudge Favorites

Now for the good part – or might we say “tasty” part. Out of all the nut and fudge combinations in this world, we narrowed it down to thee specially crafted flavors paired with wonderfully scrumptious walnuts.

  1. Combine maple flavored fudge with big chunks of walnut, and you have a major taste bud explosion waiting to happen!
  2. Or what about the sweet and delectable flavor of vanilla fudge perfectly paired with pieces of savory walnuts?
  3. And if you’re more of a traditional chocolate fudge connoisseur, we haven’t forgot you 😉

Fudge can make a great side addition to a gift or stand on its own. Whatever the occasion might be, whether it’s birthdays, anniversaries, holiday parties or something else, delivering our homemade creamy, buttery fudge will be a perfect addition to the party. Also, with Mother’s Day coming up, we guarantee that Malley’s fudge will bring a smile to mom’s face. Stop in a Malley’s store near you and pick up some of our favorite fudge creations.