Easter morning can be one of the most treasured holidays of the year for both you and your children. For them, it’s waking up and finding a beautifully decorated Easter basket filled with chocolates and candy that was delivered by the Easter bunny. And, of course, hunting for brightly decorated eggs all over the house. For you, it’s seeing the smiles and laughter on your children’s faces and the togetherness that this special day brings.

We understand the value of spending time with your kids, especially when they’re younger because, as we all have said at least once in our lives, “kids grow up so fast!” Long after we’re gone, the Easter traditions we create for kids will live on in future generations for many years to come. We want to help you celebrate Easter with your kids, so keep reading and you’ll find some fun Easter traditions to start with your family!

Creating a Family Easter Tradition

If you and your family don’t have an Easter tradition already, it’s never too late to start. Easter traditions give families fun ways to celebrate one of the oldest holidays in the world.

Sometimes we let chocolate bunnies and decorated Easter eggs overshadow the real reason we recognize this special day. Start your Easter tradition by giving your kids an Easter 101. Your kids may also enjoy learning about the history behind the Easter bunny and how decorating Easter baskets became so popular. Knowing the history behind it all can make spending this time with your kids that much more meaningful.

Easter Crafts and Activities for Kids

Plant an Easter Garden. Spring is the time of renewal and rebirth. It’s a happy reminder that winter is officially over. Celebrate the arrival of spring by planting a garden with your kids. This pop of color will not only brighten up your yard but start a family tradition that could last a lifetime.

Decorate Easter Eggs. Dyeing eggs is one of the most popular Easter activities to do with your kids. It’s not just your standard colored dyes anymore. From silk tie, Scotch taped or mod podge to pressed flowers, melted crayon or shaving cream, there are hundreds of different decorating ideas for coloring eggs this Easter.

Easter Egg Hunt. Hosting an Easter egg hunt for either your own family or close friends is a great tradition to start. You can have plenty of fun in your own backyard or try looking for local Easter egg hunts around the area. Many zoos, ski resorts or downtown areas plan Easter egg hunts and other fun Easter activities for the kids.

Easter Arts and Crafts. Your options are endless when it comes to Easter arts and crafts. There are hundreds of Easter-themed printable’s online from bingo, word searches, tic-tac-toe, coloring sheets and more!

Bake Easter Goodies. Breaking out the baking sheets, mixing bowls and aprons creates plenty of fun in the kitchen. Baking Easter bunny cookies, carrot cake, or cupcakes will put a smile on everyone’s face and leave the whole family wanting more. Kids love to help mommy and daddy with almost everything, so lend them a mixing spoon and let the fun begin. Need to brush up on your baking skills? Check out our post, “6 Common Baking Mistakes You May be Making.”

Host an Easter Brunch. Whether you’re expecting out-of-town relatives or it’s just your immediate family, an Easter brunch always encourages the family to spend time around the table. If it’s a nice day outside, turn it into an Easter picnic. Enjoying some fresh air and some sunshine with the family will always be cherished, especially on Easter.

Take Lots of Photos. Make sure to document all your fun Easter activities with the family. Everyone will most likely be dressed up, so why not take advantage of it. Try taking a picture of the whole family in the same spot every year. Over time you’ll have a wonderful keepsake that will show just how much your family has grown!

Start Your Family Easter Traditions with Malley’s

Now that you have some fun ideas for creating Easter traditions with your family, you can get started! If you need help picking out some treats for your Easter family get-together, take a look at our large selection of Easter chocolates. From Milk Chocolate Bunny Pops and Peanut Butter filled Eggs to fruit-flavored jelly beans, we have something perfect for everyone

Easter is right around the corner, and luckily these Easter traditions don’t require a lot of planning time. So, as stated in the famous song by The Cars, “Let the Good Times Roll.”