You volunteered to host this year’s Christmas dinner or New Year’s Eve get together, and now you’re wondering how in the world you’re going to make them say “WOW.” First matter of business: getting your dessert table situated.

Dessert tables have become thee party staple and focal point of parties and get togethers. You rarely see a styled party today without an elaborate display of tasty treats. We’re here to give you some creative dessert table ideas for assembling the ultimate holiday dessert buffet for your next gathering.

Our Top Dessert Table Ideas for the Perfect Holiday Party Display

1. Commit to a theme. Before you get started, you’ll first want to decide on a theme for your party. Once you’ve solidified this, choose several desserts that fit the overall look of the party theme.

Design tip: If you’re creating a glamourous New Year’s Eve party, a hand-made pie probably won’t be the way to go—it just doesn’t fit with the theme. But if you are having more of an authentic family Christmas dinner, a handmade pie might just be perfect.

2. Keep the food selection realistic. We definitely encourage you to pick out your favorite signature desserts, especially since you’re the one doing all the heavy lifting to make this a special time for your guests. However, it’s also wise to think of some treats your guests may like too.

Design tip: A good formula to live by for the perfect holiday dessert table = 1-2 specialty items (cake, cupcakes, cookies) + 1-3 homemade desserts + 2-3 candies to fill it out. This combination should offer plenty of variety to keep your guests smiling… and eating all night long!

3. Focus. Decide which dessert is going to be the centerpiece of the table.

Design tip: You want to try your best to create symmetry. Once you’ve decided on a centerpiece, work your way outward. For example, if you’re having cake as well as mini desserts, make the cake the focal point of the table and decorate around it.

4. Layers Galore. Create interest at your holiday dessert table by using cake stands, dessert trays and risers of varying height.

Design tip: If you don’t want to spend a bunch of money on buying risers or stands, try wrapping different sized boxes in festive wrapping paper or other decorative paper to match your theme. Adding varying rows and levels helps fill blank space and also keeps the eyes moving. When looking to invest in trays, plates, and platters, choose a neutral color like white, which is extremely versatile and can go well with just about any theme. This will save you money in the long-run if you end up hosting parties more frequently. Once you have the basics, the fun comes later with dressing up those pieces corresponding to your theme.

5. Space Management. One mistake people make is spreading the dishes out to take up available space. Instead, try bringing it all closer together so it looks more deliberate. This will even help make your holiday dessert table look more abundant.

6. Topping off Your Table with Paper Elements. Paper designs including dessert labels, menus, favor tags, banners and signs, will add that extra flare and elegance to your holiday dessert table. Make sure to tie the theme and colors together. If you have a good printer and some handy scissors, you can either use print-ready designs, or if you’re feeling especially crafty, get busy with your own DIY creations.

Set Your Holiday Dessert Table with Malley’s Chocolates!

To help get you started, we’ve outlined some tasty CHOC treats that are sure to be a winner at your holiday dessert table:

If you keep these tips and tricks in mind as you plan, your holiday dessert table is guaranteed to have that “wow” factor. If you want more options for finding delicious chocolate treats, visit Malley’s Chocolates online or find a store near you!