Scrambling for Christmas Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life? Not This Year!

Can you believe it’s that time of the year already to start talking about holiday shopping and Christmas gifts for the family? Neither can we! We’re still in denial that October just ended and Thanksgiving is about to be knocking on our doors soon enough.

Some refer to this speedy transition into the holiday season as the “Christmas creep.” Ever heard of it? It’s when people go straight from Halloween to Christmas. Not that we’re forgetting Thanksgiving, but, we wanted to make sure you’re not scrambling around for Christmas gift ideas just days before the holiday arrives! So, let us do you this favor, and welcome you with open arms to Part 1 of Malley’s 3-part Gift Giving Guide. So, buckle your seatbelts and enjoy the ride, because we’re starting off this series with how to find that perfect holiday gift for him.

Why Are Men So Hard to Shop For? Here’s Your Solution to Finding the Perfect Gift for Him

Shopping for a brother, dad, boyfriend or husband is hard, right? Wrong! It shouldn’t be. Men are notoriously known for how difficult they are to shop for, but why is that? The culprit: because they typically give the response of “You don’t have to get me anything!”

What happens then is an overwhelming amount of gift ideas flooding our brains with an angel on one shoulder saying, “He’ll love this!” and a devil on the other saying, “No, no, he’ll hate it!”

So how do we solve this tug of war? Women need to stop overthinking the process of shopping for a man. If you look at it in black and white, guys are somewhat predictable…and as long as you play to their interests, needless to say they’ll appreciate the thought behind whatever you get them!

Here are a few tips and tricks to figure out what to get that special someone:

1. You can never go wrong with buying a guy what he wants, but would never buy for himself. Let’s face it, if their shoes have holes in them, they’ll probably still wear them. If blankets are old and worn, they’ll probably still use them. If their blenders don’t work completely, they’ll end up drinking chunky smoothies. Pay attention to your man’s bedroom, dad’s garage, etc. Seeing what needs replaced will be the best place to start.
2. Take him Christmas shopping and watch what catches his eye. If you don’t want to say you’re taking him Christmas shopping, say you want to go for yourself and just happen to walk by all the men stores. Or say you’re shopping for your dad or brother, or another important man in your life.

Top Gift Ideas for Men

In a perfect world, men would just tell women what they want for Christmas. BUT, we can’t always have what we want. So, here are our top gift ideas for men that are sure to be a win this holiday season.

Personalized Chocolate
For the guys who enjoy the sweeter things in life, consider creating the perfect gourmet gift basket filled with Malley’s Chocolate. And the container is where you can really get creative – it’s all about the presentation. Crates, baskets, trunks, cases, paint cans, fire pits, pots and pans. The more you want to fill it, the more extravagant the container can be. It’s quite exciting to create your own DIY gift basket! And don’t forget the goodies inside. Here are some great chocolate fillers that when combined make the perfect basket full of holiday cheer.

  • Chocolate & Peanut Butter Buckeyes: For your sports junkies, add some Malley’s Buckeyes to the mix. A delicious tribute to Ohio, our Buckeyes feature a creamy peanut butter filling surrounded by our smooth milk chocolate, and finished with a peanut butter cap.
  • Malley Ohs: What happens when you take America’s favorite chocolate sandwich and cover it in a generous amount of smooth, real milk chocolate? A taste bud explosion. Yum!
  • Bordeaux Milk Chocolate: You can’t go wrong with our fan favorite, Milk Chocolate Bordeaux. Decadently rich English toffee with almond bits, enrobed in our real milk chocolate, and then individually rolled in a crunchy chopped almond topping.
  • Fresh Roasted, Salted Cashews: There’s something about a personalized gift that makes a person hold their head up a little higher. Add a little salty to your sweet, and order our personalized 16oz package of fresh roasted, salted cashews! If you’re thinking of personalizing something other than nuts, check out our entire collection of personalized gifts! From chocolate-covered almonds, pretzels, malt balls, raisins and more, we’re sure to have something your special someone will love!

Anything Yeti
Yeti Ramblers…a marvelous feat of science-meets-beverage holder. Does the man in your life enjoy the outdoors (camping, hunting, fishing, tailgating), always carry around a cold or hot beverage, or just plain love the little luxuries in life? This brand seems to have exploded into the market as a forever favorite when it comes to superior drinkware and coolers.

Anything State-Related
What man doesn’t love to rep their state or city? There are many places you can get personalized gifts that reflect things unique to each state or city. There’s some sort of pride men get when they rep their favorite city or state. This is always a welcomed gift, we’re sure of it!

Cigar-Related Paraphernalia
Does your man enjoy a good cigar every now and again? Consider getting him a nice humidor to keep his cigars fresh. Does he already have one of those? What about a personalized cigar cutter and travel case! As we mentioned earlier, anything personalized always makes someone feel just a little bit more important 😉

Sports-Related Grilling Items
Does your special man rave about sports? What about a nice team logo grill cover? Let them show off their team spirit and throw in another manly grunt when they fully outfit their grill with their beloved sports team.

Leather Portfolio
Is your special someone a note-taker of any sort? Get him a beautiful leather portfolio that not only will step up his note-taking game, but make him stand out at his business meetings or on-sites. And, if you personalize it…GAME CHANGER. Sometimes, having nice office supplies gives you that extra motivation at work when you need it.

These Top Gift Ideas for Men Are Sure to Give You a Win This Christmas!

Earlier we said, if you look at it in black and white, you’ll notice that guys are actually pretty predictable. Most men seem to love customized grilling accessories, monogrammed travel/work gear or personalized sports gear. This is mainly why instead of presenting specific gift ideas, we wanted to present you with general gift themes that we have a feeling will win Christmas.

Hopefully one of the above ideas sparked a perfect gift idea for him this Christmas. Good luck from the Malley’s family! Also, stay tuned for the next part in this Gift Giving Guide series, where we focus on gifts for kids!