The Terminal Tower. West Side Market. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum. Cleveland, Ohio is home to many iconic landmarks that are known and loved across the country. Standing tall among them? A delicious dynasty known simply as Malley’s Chocolates. For more than 80 years, Malley’s has been making quality chocolate right here in Cleveland… Chocolate that is enjoyed not just by the Northeast Ohio region, but from coast to coast.

February 9th marks our observance of Mr. Albert “Mike” Malley’s birthday – the man who started it all in a small Lakewood, Ohio shop back in 1935. Stay with us and you’ll learn more about our founder and how Malley’s Chocolates came to be the famous Cleveland chocolate company it is today.

A Chocolatey Childhood

Throughout his life, Mr. Malley had a passion for working with chocolate. As a child in Meadville, Pennsylvania, he worked in a candy store learning how to create hand-crafted chocolates. Years later, this dream turned into a reality when he borrowed $500 to rent his very own store in Lakewood, Ohio. Previously a deli, Malley and his family stayed in the back rooms, while turning the basement into a kitchen where the crafting took place.

What started as a small seed bloomed into now 22 locations all over the Greater Cleveland Area. For the past 82 years people have enjoyed the deliciously satisfying taste of Malley’s Chocolates. To Mr. Malley, on February 9th, we say Happy Birthday and thank you!

Celebrate with Free Shipping for Founder’s Day!

Mike Malley dedicated his life to perfecting the taste of chocolate. To honor the renowned Cleveland chocolatier, we want to offer you a special deal:

  • On February 9th you can receive Free Shipping on online orders over $40.

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Some advice: This sale can be used on any Malley’s treats you wish. But don’t forget, the holiday of flower’s, chocolates and love is right around the corner…you know, Valentine’s Day! This will be the perfect opportunity to share your love of Malley’s with friends, family and that special someone!