You may have heard of Bordeaux before (and we don’t mean Bordeaux chocolate). One of the finest cities in France, Bordeaux is known for being an ideal destination spot for exploring the greater wine region’s unforgettable sights and tastes. It is one of the most exciting, vibrant and dynamic cities in the world. You can stroll the most graceful streets, eat well, drink better and be even merrier. In 2015, Bordeaux earned the title of Europe’s Best Destination spot. There’s a sense of elegance and class in Bordeaux, from its bakeries and fine dining to wine tasting and museum touring. This city is one of the most known cities in France, a country full of good taste and tradition.

So what does Bordeaux the city have to do with our famous Malley’s Bordeaux Chocolate? Stick with us and we’ll tell you!

Malley’s Bordeaux Chocolate

Maybe we owe our inspiration for this tasty treat to the elegance and class that is found among the streets of Bordeaux. Or maybe it was the multitude of luxurious flavors flowing from the city’s beloved wine industry. When we chose the main ingredients found in our milk chocolate Bordeaux, our goal was to create a product every bit as a rich and elegant as the city it’s named after. Let’s dive in.

  • English toffee: Essentially a mixture of white sugar and butter, heated to the point of caramelization, this treat is desired all over the world. The simple, yet sweet nature of English toffee creates the perfect addition to our milk chocolate Bordeaux.
  • Almonds: This delicately flavored and versatile seed is a healthy and tasty complement to both sweet and savory dishes alike. And yes, we said seed. Most consider almonds a nut, but they’re technically the seed of the fruit of an almond tree. Aha! Another quick Malley’s fun-fact for you: the versatility of this ingredient made it an obvious choice for including in our Bordeaux-inspired chocolate.
  • Milk Chocolate: What would our chocolate Bordeaux be without Malley’s famous and creamy milk chocolate? Derived from quality cocoa beans for that desirable chocolate flavor loved by so many, Malley’s milk chocolate is a great foundation for our Bordeaux flavor profile—but that almost goes without saying.

Malley’s Milk Chocolate Bordeaux: It’s Like Experiencing France with Every Bite

With English toffee and almonds drenched in Malley’s creamy milk chocolate and topped with chopped almonds, there is simply nothing else like it. We have heard astounding reviews such as “heavenly flavor,” “indulgent” and even “inspirational.” And because customers just can’t seem to get enough of our Bordeaux chocolate toffee crunch, Bordeaux believers always pick up enough to share…and of course, keep a secret stash for themselves.