It is time, Ohio fans, that you hear the truth about your favorite peanut butter-filled chocolate treat. Ohio and buckeyes go together like—well, peanut butter and chocolate. It’s amazing how these famous little peanut butter-filled chocolate delights, the Buckeyes, can bring so much joy into one’s life—and its history is just as rich as its flavor.

Chocolate and peanut butter buckeye balls get their name after the shiny, dark brown nuts of the Buckeye tree, which is the state tree of Ohio. While the actual nuts are poisonous, with a hard, dark brown exterior shell and a light brown “eye,” these confections are far from toxic—just sweet and tasty! They are made from real creamy peanut-butter and partially dipped in chocolate to leave part of the peanut butter visible.

Buckeyes are a fundamental part of the Ohio experience. Even though there are other tasty peanut butter-filled chocolate treats, like a peanut butter cup, the Buckeye stands alone in its specialty. First, the peanut butter-to-chocolate ratio is much greater than that of a peanut butter cup. Second, the peanut butter filling of the buckeye is slightly firmer and smoother, giving you a longer and more satisfying bite.

Malley’s Chocolates Prepares You for the Big Game

Whether you’re from Ohio or not, one bite of these tasty peanut butter-filled chocolate treats and you’ll instantly morph into an Ohioan.

You better believe us Ohio fans are getting stocked up on Buckeyes to show our support for the big game. If you are a true Ohio fan and are getting together with friends and family for this special event, make sure you don’t show up empty-handed. Order your Buckeye treats online at or visit a store near you!