5 Tasty and Sweet Dessert Ideas for Parties

These Treats Will Receive Gold Medals at Your Olympics Watch Party

While the world’s best athletes show what they’re made of on the slopes and ice this year, it’s time to surprise your friends and family with some delicious and unforgettable sweet treats! If you’re throwing an Olympic-sized watch party or just having a few friends over, treat everyone with these tasty dessert ideas for parties:

1. Chocolate Gold Medals

Get the party started with these gold medal treats. From cookies to chocolate, there are countless ways to create edible gold medals your friends and family will love. But in the real Olympic spirit, why not go all out and combine cookies and chocolate with our chocolate-covered oreos? Just take our Malley Ohs! and wrap each one in gold aluminum foil. Then, attach a red, white and blue ribbon to the back of the foil for the finishing touch. These gold medals will look so irresistible, your guests will be competing for them all night long!

2. Patriotic Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a must-have at any party you throw. And because there are so many cake, frosting and decoration options, you can get as creative as you want with these cupcakes. Experiment with white, chocolate or marble cake, and apply red, white and blue frosting. Then, decorate your cupcakes with sprinkles and add a USA flag topper to each one for a bit of flare. If you’re an overachiever and want to get more innovative with your cupcakes, this next party dessert idea is for you…

3. Ice Cream Cone Cake Torches

This cupcake dessert is a great way to celebrate the history and symbolism of the Olympic torch. Prepare your cake batter and pour two tablespoons of batter into each cone. With either a pan or a cupcake cone baking rack, bake your cone cakes for 15 minutes. While your cone cakes cool, prepare your buttercream icing and tint it using yellow, orange and red icing color. Once you add the icing to the cone cakes, your edible torches will be ready to enjoy!

4. Hot Fudge Sundae

You won’t find a much more patriotic treat than the hot fudge sundae that was created in 1906 in Los Angeles, CA. Dish out vanilla ice cream (or whatever flavor or combination of flavors you choose!) into a bowl and drizzle Malley’s Favorite Fudge Sauce on top for a delectable taste that will get your taste buds going. Finish the sundae off with whipped cream and a cherry, then enjoy!

5. Victory Goody Bags

Celebrate a night of fierce competition and victory with goody bags! Print off an inspirational Olympic quote and an image of the Olympic rings on gold paper and attach to plastic bags. Then, fill those bags with whatever treats you want! We recommend including snow wafers and our assortment of candy bars to make your goody bags gold medal-worthy.

Go for the Gold with Malley’s Dessert Ideas for Parties

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