Get Started Earning Money Today!

Sellers: Make The Most of Your Campaign

Everyone loves Malley’s Chocolates, which makes selling our candy easy and profitable for your fundraiser! Simply follow the steps below to get started earning profits and helping your friends, neighbors and family fill their Easter baskets with quality chocolates this year!

1. Follow Your Group Link

You should have already received a campaign link for your group, either from your Chairperson in an email or you can find it on your Easter 2017 Order Form in the bottom of the green shaded box under the CHOC logo. Copy the link into your Internet browser, then click on “Register as a Participant” to the right of the screen.

Informational video coming soon!


2. Create a Personalized Website

It is proven that customizing your sales page with personal text and images can significantly boost sales during a fundraising drive! Make it your own by uploading photos or school/corporate logos, edit the copy to communicate a personal plea for the help you need to reach your stated financial goal. 

Informational video coming soon!

3. Email Friends and Family

Once your personalized sales page is ready, simply click on “Email Friends/Family” to distribute the link from which buyers can make purchases online that will be shipped directly to them via UPS. We’ve created a template to get you started, but you can easily change the text and subject line to customize your email before sending. 

Informational video coming soon!

4. Share on Social Media

Click on the icons for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to share your sales link through these social media platforms. Buyers can purchase directly from the link and you will get credit for the sale! Add personal text to your post asking for the support you need for your fundraiser.